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Ashawa Consults Ltd offers their expertise in water quality and land use management to meet a broad array of needs for our clients interested in low and high impact development and sustainable Waste water management services. Ashawa Consults’ capabilities include a comprehensive understanding of the regulations and the experience and skills to help their clients achieve cost-effective compliance

Environmental Maintenance of Water Treatment Plant, Groundwater Contamination Evaluation and Modeling

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We offer the full range of waste water and industrial water treatment services.
Municipal waste water: Our services include preparation of Waste water Management Procedures and Plans, long term assistance for adherence to these plans and system maintenance, facilities mapping, detection of illicit discharges and waste water discharge quality monitoring.
Industrial water treatment: Our staff currently assists a variety of large industrial clients with Multi-Sector Industrial Permit needs. Examples include wastewater treatment plants, power generators, landfills, recycling facilities, sand and gravel processing facility, trucking and warehousing facilities and hospitals.

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