New research reveals that indoor pollution can be as much or worse of a problem than outdoor pollution. This may sound strange to many but when you think of all the smoke from cooking, chemicals from cleaning and paint and spores from mould that get trapped within the walls of a house you’re forced to agree.

Here are some easy ways to improve the air quality within your home:

  1. Keep windows open whenever and wherever possible for proper ventilation.
  2. Purchase house plants: house plants do much more than beautify your house; they also help to purify the air within.
  3. Ensure you have a regular cleaning plan to keep away dust that piles up and ends up polluting the air and causing illness
  4. If you must smoke, smoke outside. Second hand smoke can lead to cancer, asthma and a number or other illnesses and you don’t want your house permeated with that
  5. Build with proper ventilation in mind: Don’t make the mistake of choosing aesthetics over functionality when you can choose both. Build houses with lots of Windows that open in the right directions through which air can come in.

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