It is no longer enough just to build a house. Building an environmentally sustainable home is gradually becoming a necessity rather than a luxury for house owners. Homes that are built without the environment in mind may be cheap at first, but eventually become costly due to the risks they pose to the environment and rising energy costs. Green homes are not only beneficial to the environment; they are also beneficial to the people who live in them. Here are 5 benefits of having a green home:

  1. Better air quality

One problem with cities is that they are prone to air pollution. Green homes can help mitigate this. Eco-friendly homes are built with materials that are low in or free from toxins and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). This ensures that people who live in green homes enjoy better air quality than those who do not. In addition, green homes are structured to allow in natural ventilation ensuring fresher air is cycled in the house.  This ensures better health for the occupants of the house.

  1. Reduced waste
    Eco-friendly homes help homeowners reduce waste as emphasis is laid on conservation of resources. Builders opt for recycled and reused materials thus ensuring less waste. These buildings are also water efficient, are optimized to use smaller areas and use more durable materials. Due to the durability of the materials used in constructing green homes, homeowners would not need to replace building parts for a long time. This reduces the cost of maintaining such homes.


  1. Lower Energy Bills
    A green home will save money spent on electric, fuel and water bills. Eco-friendly homes use renewable energy such as solar electricity. Another important benefit is green homes reduce energy loss by installing Energy Star-rated water-use appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines, which can significantly cut a home’s water and energy use. The initial cost of setting up a green home might be high but on the long run, it becomes a better financial decision as it ensures owners enjoy lower utility bills.


  1. Comfort
    People who live in green homes are more comfortable. This is due to the regulated temperature of the house. These kind of homes usually have better insulation which ensures less temperature variations and minimizes drafts.
  1. Environmental Impacts:
    When we have a safer planet, we have safer homes. Using renewable and clear energy instead of fossil fuels ensures that home owners contribute less to greenhouse emissions. Recycling materials ensures lesser carbon emission on the environment. The use of construction, adhesive and bonding materials that do not give off toxic gases helps reduce global air pollution. When people build environmentally sustainable homes, they leave less carbon footprints on the earth.

Finally, green homes are usually a remarkable sight. They are clean, scenic and beautiful. Most green homes do not alter the natural landscapes. If you are considering building your new home, an eco-friendly home should top your list – especially for long term benefits.

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